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Installing the bot

Here is how to install the bot:

Adding to your Slack workspace

Click "Add to Slack" button on the main page to add the bot to your Slack workspace. You can only perform this action if you're allowed to by your workspace administrator.

You will be asked for permissions, and Healthy Debate AI is asking for minimal set of permissions required to operate. You'll be asked for a Slack channel for integrations, you have to start with one. On the next steps you'll be able to integrate the bot to multiple Slack channels.

Integrating to your Slack channels

On the "Welcome" step (you have to be authorized to visit this page) you'll be asked to integrate the bot to your Slack channels. You can pick the channels to integrate to, but in general, it's recommended that you will select all the Slack channels from the list.

If (for some reason) the bot hasn't been integrated to one or more of your channels automatically, you can always invite the bot like any other Slack user or application.