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Flagging the message

With Healthy Debate AI app any user in your chats can anonymously flag a message. There are few examples why users might want to flag a message:

  • The debate is unhealthy
  • The tone of the conversation is condescending or aggressive
  • The message is inappropriate in a workplace
  • The conversation is not inclusive
  • There is a typo spelling someone's first or last name or pronoun(s)
  • The message could have been put better in general
  • Any other reason users might want to use anonymous feedback tool to flag a message

To flag a message click on three dots and select "Flag this message" from the menu.


It's important to note that the message will not be flagged right away, and the following dialog will appear:


From this dialog you can type optional note, like: "Hey Pat, if I'm not mistaken, Sam prefers the "she" pronoun". Once you hit the "Submit" button, the notification with optional hint will be sent to the original poster.


This message will not be visible to anyone else, except for the original poster. Your name will not be displayed, and the note is 100% anonymous. Healthy Debate AI does not send your message(s) to HR(s) or any other third parties. We do not save these messages and there is no way in the app others can see who sent the message.

The one who flagged the message will receive notification on successful delivery, like: Thanks for you input, the user has been notified.

Some of the problems this feature solves

The following workplace setup is true for almost every workplace:

  • All people are unique, some some of them are more shy, while others seem to be social.
  • New employees are normally more hesitant reaching out.
  • Sometimes people afraid to reach out for help.
  • Some people afraid to reach out to their managers regarding healthy debate issues, even if it's beneficial for the company.

"Flag this message" feature is a safe way to reach out to other team member(s) about anything, without a risk of jeopardizing employment. It immediately improves the conversation climate and serves to prevent conflicts in a workplace.

If you already installed the app before Feb 2, 2022 you might want to reinstall the application, so the menu item next to your messages is visible. If you still do not see the "Flag this message" in the menu, restart the Slack client.

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Reach out to support if you have any questions: