Using the app

Slack app

The Slack application works in an unobtrusive manner, and automatically inform users when they say, intentionally or not, something out of ordinary. Once you added the app to a workspace, it should be it, no more action is required.

Keep in mind, that the app sends recommendations only to the original sender. Other members will not be able to see the recommendation.

There is currently no way to find out how many times the bot recommended to edit the message. However, it's something on our plate right now, and we're working on this feature. The information will be available at the user's/company dashboard soon.


Dashboard has two views: administrator view, and regular user view. You can think of them as of your company's dashboard and an individual's dashboard.

Administrators have access to a billing page where they can manage billing information. Regular users can see the dashboard with the status of the application. This place is reserved for future use (like adding exception for certain words, looking into their own healthy debate score, etc).

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